The Biggest Boxing Competitions Today

Boxing is a sport that is followed by millions of avid fans from around the world. Therefore, it should be apparent that there are a number of large and well-respected boxing competitions which take place from time to time. Let’s have a brief look at some of the most recognised.

The International Boxing Association

This is an organisation that mainly sanctions amateur boxing events on an international scale. It was formed in 1946 and hosts an event that is known as AIBA Open Boxing. There is also another category within this event known as the World Series of Boxing. This is a team event and boxers receive salaries based upon their performance.

The European Amateur Boxing Championships

This is another extremely popular event. Currently, the European Amateur Boxing Championships are the most prestigious competitions for boxers within Europe. These events began in 1924 and they currently host categories for both men and women. As stipulated within the rules, the championships are held within a different city each year. The next will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

These are only two examples of the numerous boxing competitions which can be found throughout the world. Thanks to the popularity of this sport, we can expect that such events will continue to enjoy such a widespread reputation.