Poker in the Boxing Ring

Boxers, notoriously outgoing and bombastic by nature, can make excellent poker players. A prime example of this is Carl Froch, a World Champion of boxing four times over, who made the leap from ring to table when he retired in 2014. Now a full-time poker ambassador, it is his greatest passion, and he regularly competes in major tournaments.

It has recently hit the news that Audley Harrison has found extreme potential by taking up poker. Harrison, a participant of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney where he was awarded the first British gold medal in the super heavy division, has also managed to continue his high-profile career by taking a leap into the world of poker. Harrison has, on multiple occasions, said that poker had helped his boxing career to take a great leap forward, through a major increase and development in his potential.

American former pro-boxer Leron Washington took part in a poker event online, which revealed a natural talent for the game. In fact, after discovering poker, Washington all but hung up his boxing gloves to concentrate on the card table.
There most definitely are factors which attract boxers to the world of poker. For starters, poker, very much like a boxing match, is brimming with competition, of which bluffing is part and parcel. Boxers may come across as aggressive, but a boxer and a poker player both know the value of patience and biding their time. Without a good strategy, both the fighter and the card player are bound to fail.

At the poker table, a successful player remains calm and impassive. In the boxing ring, the opposite may appear to be true. But what both these stances have in common is the ability to convey confidence, which will ultimately put them at an advantage over their opponents.