To combat sports fans, Tyson Fury doesn’t need an introduction. Tyson Fury’s father was a boxer too. It was his love for boxing that he named his son after the great Mike Tyson. But can Tyson Fury be called the best of his time?

He is neither a ripped nor a muscular boxer like his peer Anthony Joshua, but he surely has the rapid movement and enormous strength in his body. If you have an interest in boxing – click here for guides and tours related to this week’s boxing events.

For some, he is the best boxer of his era. Especially after what he did in the 11th round against Deontay Wilder, we all felt that he had a sucker punch.

What makes him different?

He is completely different if we compare him to the physical standards of other boxers of his time. Moreover, he has a distinct level of physical and mental intensity.

The Gypsy King is 33 years old, and he is constantly improving. There is also an expectation that we will see him fighting Oleksandr Usyk, another best of his time.

Most importantly, the Gypsy King is much stronger. Rather than trying to bring something new, he is simply mastering what he has learned throughout the years.