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Injuries in Boxing and How to Recover Efficiently

As a contact sport, boxing comes with the risk of various injuries. Regardless of how skilful a boxer is, getting injured is a constant risk. Head injuries such as concussion and bone fractures are some of the most frequent in boxing. When you suffer serious damage, the recovery process can be tedious and lengthy. Some individuals take months before they are back to full strength. For a person who boxes professionally or intends to make a career out of the sport, getting sidelined by an injury can be extremely frustrating. With the right activities, however, you can find a way to facilitate healing and deal with the desperation.

Proper nutrition

Your body requires the correct nutrients to heal. Boxers should be knowledgeable about the right foods to boost their recovery chances. Carbohydrates, for example, provide energy so you can train as necessary. Amino acids from proteins help repair tissues while fats replenish some macronutrients and help build muscles.


Calming your mind can go a long way during recovery, and for some gaming offers the perfect distraction. The challenge of various slot games exercises the mind and assists in relieving stress, which can be detrimental to healing. Besides the mental stimulation, there is also the chance of winning some money.

Physical Therapy

For serious injuries that cause some performance limitations, physical therapy is part of treatment. Torn ligaments, broken bones and severe sprains are some of the injuries where physical therapy is required. The exercises help the body return to its normal state and prevent aggravating the condition.

Ice Treatment

Minor boxing injuries can be treated with cold therapy. In instances where a bone injury is not present, an ice pack will help reduce inflammation. Cold therapy is also suitable for contusions, which can heal well it there is no underlying damage. You can also use cold application for severe injuries after surgery to bring down the swelling.

Recovering from a boxing injury demands dedication and the right practices will make the process less challenging.

Playing Poker to Clear Your Mind

As well as the physical aspect, sports players and professional athletes are under a lot of mental pressure to perform well. All sports fans know about the phenomenon of choking, and we have all watched in frustration as our favourite team or player throws a match away for no apparent reason. Being psychologically fit and well-prepared is essential for success, and sports players need strategies to keep them mentally agile.

What athletes do in their downtime is therefore likely to affect their game. It’s important to be able to play with a clear head, and that includes being ready to move on from past losses and focus on future success. Many athletes choose to play skill games during their leisure time, as these games both keep the brain stimulated and provide a way to prevent over-thinking and obsessing over their main sport. One such game, popular with many sports players, is poker.

Not only does poker present an engaging and challenging game, but it has the extra thrill of some potential winnings. Sports players are nothing if not competitive, so poker provides the ideal way to relax and unwind between games while keeping the mind active.

Another time when poker can benefit an athlete is when she is recovering from an injury. Nothing is so frustrating as not being able to compete in the sport that you love, so for an injured professional, poker presents the ideal way to both deal with the boredom and scratch that competitive itch.

Small wonder, then, that many sports professionals go on to play poker at pro level after they retire. Many former sports stars, such as cricketer Shane Warne and Dutch ex-pro hockey player Fatima Moreira de Melo, have gone on to have successful poker careers.

Poker in the Boxing Ring

Boxers, notoriously outgoing and bombastic by nature, can make excellent poker players. A prime example of this is Carl Froch, a World Champion of boxing four times over, who made the leap from ring to table when he retired in 2014. Now a full-time poker ambassador, it is his greatest passion, and he regularly competes in major tournaments.

It has recently hit the news that Audley Harrison has found extreme potential by taking up poker. Harrison, a participant of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney where he was awarded the first British gold medal in the super heavy division, has also managed to continue his high-profile career by taking a leap into the world of poker. Harrison has, on multiple occasions, said that poker had helped his boxing career to take a great leap forward, through a major increase and development in his potential.

American former pro-boxer Leron Washington took part in a poker event online, which revealed a natural talent for the game. In fact, after discovering poker, Washington all but hung up his boxing gloves to concentrate on the card table.
There most definitely are factors which attract boxers to the world of poker. For starters, poker, very much like a boxing match, is brimming with competition, of which bluffing is part and parcel. Boxers may come across as aggressive, but a boxer and a poker player both know the value of patience and biding their time. Without a good strategy, both the fighter and the card player are bound to fail.

At the poker table, a successful player remains calm and impassive. In the boxing ring, the opposite may appear to be true. But what both these stances have in common is the ability to convey confidence, which will ultimately put them at an advantage over their opponents.

The Biggest Boxing Competitions Today

Boxing is a sport that is followed by millions of avid fans from around the world. Therefore, it should be apparent that there are a number of large and well-respected boxing competitions which take place from time to time. Let’s have a brief look at some of the most recognised.

The International Boxing Association

This is an organisation that mainly sanctions amateur boxing events on an international scale. It was formed in 1946 and hosts an event that is known as AIBA Open Boxing. There is also another category within this event known as the World Series of Boxing. This is a team event and boxers receive salaries based upon their performance.

The European Amateur Boxing Championships

This is another extremely popular event. Currently, the European Amateur Boxing Championships are the most prestigious competitions for boxers within Europe. These events began in 1924 and they currently host categories for both men and women. As stipulated within the rules, the championships are held within a different city each year. The next will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

These are only two examples of the numerous boxing competitions which can be found throughout the world. Thanks to the popularity of this sport, we can expect that such events will continue to enjoy such a widespread reputation.

History’s greatest boxers.

No matter where you look to compile a list of the world’s greatest boxers, the top ten are usually from the Americas, are usually middleweight to heavyweight, and the author’s personal selection. Here are just a few I consider should be in history’s list of greatest boxers – in no particular order.

Joe Louis is a boxer you will find in every list, anywhere in the top-ten. He held the world heavyweight title for a full 12 years from 1937 to 1949. With the slow run up to the Second World War under way, he lost to Max Schmeling in 1936. Having gained the world heavyweight crown in 1937 he annihilated Schmeling in a rematch, with a round one knockout in 1938. In his 12 years as champion he successfully defended his title 25 times.

Mohammad Ali, who wouldn’t have good old Cassius Clay, as was before his conversion to Islam, in their top ten. He who said he would ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,’ and that he did. He turned the rules of boxing upside down, and was the rings first real showman. In a career spanning 1960 to 1981 he fought 61 fights, losing 5 and recording 37 knock-outs out of his 56 wins. If there is any downside to his career it’s that he should have retired earlier.

Sugar Ray Robinson, is regarded by many as the best boxer of all time. With a career spanning 25 years from 1940 to 1965, he gained the world crown at both welterweight and middleweight. He had a record 173 wins during his career at both weights. Of those, 109 were knock-outs. Six fights were drawn, and 2 declared no contest fights. He is still considered one of the most ferocious fighters of all time.