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Betting on boxing

Boxing and gambling have both been around for a long time. Evidence of boxing dates from the the third millennium BCE while gambling existed in the Palaeolithic period – pre-dating written history. Betting on boxing is easy. It need not be hard and an account can be set up in just a few simple steps. […]

Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather’s Other Passion

Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous and influential people on earth. It is clear that his love of boxing is unparalleled, but he has another passion that has been well documented – poker. In addition to having his own poker app, Mayweather is an avid participant and is known to take […]

Injuries in Boxing and How to Recover Efficiently

As a contact sport, boxing comes with the risk of various injuries. Regardless of how skilful a boxer is, getting injured is a constant risk. Head injuries such as concussion and bone fractures are some of the most frequent in boxing. When you suffer serious damage, the recovery process can be tedious and lengthy. Some […]

Playing Poker to Clear Your Mind

As well as the physical aspect, sports players and professional athletes are under a lot of mental pressure to perform well. All sports fans know about the phenomenon of choking, and we have all watched in frustration as our favourite team or player throws a match away for no apparent reason. Being psychologically fit and […]

Poker in the Boxing Ring

Boxers, notoriously outgoing and bombastic by nature, can make excellent poker players. A prime example of this is Carl Froch, a World Champion of boxing four times over, who made the leap from ring to table when he retired in 2014. Now a full-time poker ambassador, it is his greatest passion, and he regularly competes […]

The Biggest Boxing Competitions Today

Boxing is a sport that is followed by millions of avid fans from around the world. Therefore, it should be apparent that there are a number of large and well-respected boxing competitions which take place from time to time. Let’s have a brief look at some of the most recognised. The International Boxing Association This […]

History’s greatest boxers.

No matter where you look to compile a list of the world’s greatest boxers, the top ten are usually from the Americas, are usually middleweight to heavyweight, and the author’s personal selection. Here are just a few I consider should be in history’s list of greatest boxers – in no particular order. Joe Louis is […]