boxningBoxing is a sport that’s associated with fists and prize fighting. Since 1904, boxing has been included in the Olympic Games, but there is a clear evidence that it’s been existing as early as 1500 BC in Africa. Boxing first originated when people used their fists against one another to resolve disputes. The ancient Greeks believed that this game was played by gods. The history of boxing is explained in detail on this website as well as briefly in this article. This sport actually became part of the Olympic Games around 688 BC during Roman times. Boxers wrapped their fists with leather bands before fighting and sometimes, they even wore metal hand coverings. It wasn’t until 18th century in England that this game revived, especially during the reign of James Figg, the heavyweight champion in 1719. the Roman form of boxing took place in a stadium where spectators gathered for the event. There were often slaves that fought against one another in a circle.In 390 AD, boxing was completely abolished due to its excessive violence. It wasn’t until the early 17th century where it surfaced in England. During the early 1900s. there was no looking back for the sport. The world began witnessing talented fighters who fought for championship titles and boxing soon became a popular sport in the 21st century. Rules of boxingA typical amateur fight consists of three rounds and the professional fights are made up of 15 rounds. However, the most recognised length in fights is 12 rounds. Winners are determined by judge’s decision or the referee who keeps a scoreboard.